What we do

Third Sector Hebrides Uist (TSHU)  assists voluntary groups and organisations in procedural, funding and legal issues. Roles undertaken by TSHU staff include:

  • Helping committees draw up constitutions.
  • Helping groups set up committees.
  • Assisting with finding sources of funding.
  • Assisting with relevant employment laws, e.g. directing groups to ACAS when arbitration is required.
  • Imparting knowledge on charity laws.
  • Being a counter-signatory for disclosure.
  • Promoting any charitable purpose for the benefit of the inhabitants of Uist.
  • Liaising with statutory bodies and voluntary organisations.
  • Ascertaining local needs.
  • Assisting, promoting and developing voluntary organisations.

TSHU monitors a range of information sources in order to provide effective services. These include:

  • Sources of funding for groups and organisations, such as the Lottery.
  • Keeping up to date with council, Hebrides Community Partnership and SCVO policy.
  • Finding out what is happening in the community.