Following approval by member groups and OSCR, the UCVO (Uist Council of Voluntary Organisations), which was founded in the 1970s, merged with Third Sector Hebrides (An Treas Roinn Innse Gall) in April 2010 to create a stronger combined third sector infrastructural body to better support charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprise activity within the Outer Hebrides. This merger contributes to Scottish Government aspirations to see a more effective, joined-up Third Sector in all areas, including the Western Isles.

Third Sector Hebrides Uist (An Treas Roinn Innse Gall Uibhist) is the arm of the merged organisation which specifically supports voluntary groups in the Uists. It exists to represent and support the voluntary sector, assist organisations in coming together for common purpose and enable local people to gain access to the decision-making processes that affect their community.

Third Sector Hebrides is funded by the Scottish Government through the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO).

The purpose of Third Sector Hebrides Uist is to build on past achievements, support local voluntary organisations and social enterprises and take the support to the third sector forward in order to meet sustainable and long-term goals for the benefit of the people and communities of the Uists.

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